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Anne Klein

Find the perfect fragrance for not just the occasion — find the perfect scent for you. Anne Klein has the dynamic, versatile collection you’ve always wanted. Subtle opulence, sophisticated chic, sensuous elegance, alluring mystery, and so much more.

The strategic blend of every fragrance note complements the wearer harmoniously. You will appreciate the addictive complexity and thoughtful variety; there is a perfect scent for all of your needs.


Anne Klein - Legacy Brands

Leave a lasting impression with any of these sophisticated, classic, and unforgettable fragrances.

Anne Klein - Love Anne

Be instantly enduring, sensual, and lustrous with this collection that will subconsciously mesmerize.

Anne Klein - Quilted

Anne Klein Quilted is a collection of 3 custom fragrances built around an exotic floral olfactive story. With intoxicating floral notes transitioning into lush mid notes, this fragrance is all around easy to wear.

Designing, Manufacturing & Branding the Highest Quality Fragrances with Renowned Expertise