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Parfums AUBUSSON was born from Daniel Aubusson, a creator of perfume in a well-known French establishment. With his expertise, he pursued the idea of creating a company based on bringing together the past and the present, creation, and industry.

The company launched its first scent, Histoire d’Amour for women, a classic chypre, in 1984. The perfume is his History of Love. It was inspired by love; the mystery of falling in love, and for all the women that love.

30 years later . . . .

Palm Beach Beauté acquired Aubusson in 2011 and has since expanded the line into several different collections, for both women and men.

Collections specifically designed for men were formulated, enabling the poised, well-liked, and confident-in-his-abilities Aubusson man to be able to indulge in clean, masculine scents.

La Maison de Aubusson

Inspired by French elegance and presented in a classic, timeless design, the new La Maison de Aubusson Collection features beautifully partnered ingredient notes that exemplify the art of perfumery.

Aubusson - Romance Collection

The Romance Collection is inspired by romance and fantasy, the Parisian love story one might dream about. J’ai eu un coup de foudre! The woman who wears this collection inspires – she’s mysterious. she’s independent, but she loves. The Aubusson woman – her scent sends you the message that there is the alluring possibility you are going to live a great love story together.

The bottles draw inspiration from French toile patterns and are decorated with attractive, bright vibrant colors that are feminine and flirty.

Aubusson - Private Collection

A curated collection of ingredient-driven fragrances crafted with an artistic soul. The lavish decoration of the fragrance bottles is flashy, yet sophisticated – reflecting the personality of the elegant women and men who wear them. Intertwining intuition and the intimation of a great love affair, it’s an irresistible collection for all of those who want to inspire confidence without leaving romance behind.

Each bottle is adorned with a plaque individually designed to highlight the key olfactive ingredient the fragrance is named after.

Aubusson - Grooming Collection

The Aubusson Grooming collection is inspired by the man who pulls himself together well and takes pride in his appearance. He’s a traveler and always up to delve into the unknown. He reminds you to explore new horizons and step out of your comfort zone, that all of life is there to conquer and explore – in style. The bottles are sleek, masculine, and have a luxury feel to them.

Man Aubusson

The Aubusson man never goes unnoticed. He is masculine, sexy, and elegant. There is something to be said about his class, the way he carries himself – in good taste and high standards. His strength is reflected in the unique, hard lines of the bottle’s structure, and his style – and scent – marks him out as a man who’s achieved a measure of success.

Aubusson’s Parfum Library

The Aubusson’s Parfum Library collection is driven by the key olfactive notes of each fragrance.

With clean, communicative packaging, the look and feel of the collection take an apothecary approach.

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