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The Heritage of Caesars Palace is as distinct and iconic as Ancient Rome. The essence of art and beauty in every detail emulate the rich opulence of the Roman Empire. Guests are transported into a world of authentic design and style as the Caesars aura envelopes each visitor with feelings of power and opulence.

Strength and beauty as represented in Roman architecture transpire into the creation and design of their fragrance collections. Fluted Roman columns, cool marble, rich gold capture the luxury aesthetic of Caesars. The bottles stand on a roman plinth, adorned with fluting resulting in a feeling of permanence and strength. The elegant Women’s bottles stand statuesque, feminine, and sensuous. The heroic Men’s bottles emulate power and strength but not without an element of sensitivity. A modern, yet a timeless balance of harmony and originality.

The secondary packaging features a modern interpretation of neo-classic design, incorporating hints of iconic Roman architecture executed on metallic backgrounds of rich patinas in rose gold and Palladian silver. Both the men’s and women’s carton graphics echo the regal elegance of the fragrance presentation whilst introducing movement and modernity through textural design. The appearance of the signature laurel wreath element further signifies this as a Caesars brand, reinforcing the strength and beauty revealed in the men’s and women’s bottles.

Caesars Woman & Man

Caesars Woman is a much-loved floral spicy fragrance that summons all the elegance and luxury of majestic life of Ancient Rome. The Caesars Man captivates with the strength and authority of the vanquishes all that confronts him. These scents embody power, strength, indulgence, and luxury.

Caesars Livia & Augustus

Livia & Augustus are the ultimate representation of the iconic Caesars brand in product form, embodied through scents that represent a mix of power, strength, timeless elegance and statuesque femininity.
Strength and beauty as represented in Roman architecture transpire into the creation and design of the fragrance collection.

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