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Captivating Essences

If you’re the type of person that never compromises on class and sophistication, this line of fragrances is bound to impress you. Its classic scents are crafted from sophisticated ingredients and come in a soft fluted glass bottle topped with a complementing gold cap — demanding the first-row spot on your vanity.

This soft yet luxurious infusion of vanilla and sandalwood lends a flirtatious edge to your day. With a fruity top and jasmine petals undertones, it makes you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket of fragrance.

This fragrance melts right onto the skin and exudes a sensuous aroma that is anchored in patchouli and praline. Its long-lasting scent marries jasmine, orange blossom, and vanilla with unexpected cassis, berries, and pear notes, evoking all the mystery and allure of a first date.

A citrusy, musky composition consisting of a mandarin, bergamot, and lemon blossom top supported by a delightful blossoms blend and ambrox, skin musk, and sandalwood undertones. This fragrance feels like a radiant wave of sunlight, awakening the senses and creating a perfectly happy vibe.

Captivating Essences

A sophisticated, classic line of fragrances

Elegant packaging that demands a front row spot on your vanity

Soft fluted glass bottle topped with a complementing gold cap

Designing, Manufacturing & Branding the Highest Quality Fragrances with Renowned Expertise