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Caribbean Joe

Let’s sail to the open sea…

Caribbean Joe packaging has been inspired by setting sail through the islands.

Quality custom bottles feature the curved shape of a mainsail and spinnaker, billowing through the Caribbean.

These bottles are emphasized by oceanic and sunset characteristics in the transparent blue and red glass and logo. Meanwhile, the silver cap reflects the ratchet to crank in the sail and to catch the wind, sweeping you away to your next adventure and the creation of treasured memories of a life well lived.

Lightly textured and corrugated, a perfect complement of the natural color of the folding cartons that mimic the authenticity of a natural salt water-washed deck.

The moveable closure and logo represent the pulled or wrapped line that moves the sail. A scent that embodies adventure and clean air, the ocean and a fresh start.

Caribbean Joe for Women

Caribbean Joe for women, a luminous feminine fragrance inspired by an indulgent day spent on a luxurious beach, watching the sun rise and fall over the aqua sea.

An elegant bouquet made of the finest ingredients – opulent gardenia and lush vanilla orchid create a heart note that exudes sexy sophistication.
The feminine heart of the fragrance dries down to rich notes of sensual amber wood, conveying the beauty of a vivid sunset at the edge of the horizon.

At Caribbean Joe, we believe that the glass is half full. We believe that barefoot is best. We believe in the healing power of sand, rum, limes, and laughter. This is reflected in our scent -lighthearted and long-lasting. Inspired by the warmth and hospitality of tropical life, this scent compels you to feel the joy of great friends, good times, and the island spirit.

Caribbean Joe for Men

Set sail on clear waters, Caribbean Joe for men is a fresh expression of modern masculinity, an unforgettable fusion of the sun, the sea and the earth.

The beaming golden sun shining down on a sailboat on the Caribbean Sea is evoked by a sparkling blend of zesty bergamot, tangerine leaf and green palm trees.
A magnetic Caribbean breeze accord gently carries bold notes of aromatic blue lavender and a spicy blend of cardamom and peppercorns across waves breaking on
the vibrant seashore. Sequoia bark balanced by creamy cashmere wood and smoky green vetiver convey the subtle power of the earth beckoning you back to shore.
From sand and surf to limes and laughter, Caribbean Joe believes in the island spirit, that summer is way too short and that vacations are a state of mind.

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