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Ellen Tracy

The Ellen Tracy woman is dressed with confidence and flair for her work in the world.

Her style is statement making and put together, sophisticated and spirited, flattering and feminine.

She’s a muse, a doer, an achiever at work in the world.

She is radiant, full of life and happy with her self.

She is the right amount of bold.

She is drawn to that which is genuine and timeless, yet still original and unexpected, able to offer a wink.

To her, style is as much about how she lives her life as how she dresses for it. Her whole life is her masterpiece.

Ellen Tracy - Classic FloralEau de Parfum Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Citrus, White Floral, Sandalwood,  Amber

Fruity floral gourmand, citrus and rose with musk fragrance complement the quietly confident and self-assured woman who is looking for a kiss of crisp blooms and velvety promise. Classic fresh florals subtly encapsulated within a bouquet of soft, aromatic elegance. The allure of timeless natural beauty and the vitality of nature harnessed. A garden of lush scents to richly scintillate the senses.

Ellen Tracy - Ellen FloralEau de Parfum Spray, Gift Sets

Melon, Champaca, Rose, Orchid, Musk, Soft Woods

These oriental floral and floral-fruity fragrances stir sensations of being uplifted and ethereal with an element of magic. Sensually fruity and richly intense. Warm and sultry musk combined with a smooth, soft, woody finish inspire seductively pure emotion and sophisticated romance. Innocence and daring harmonized. Utopia awaits.

Ellen Tracy - Pretty Petals FloralEau de Parfum Spray, Gift Sets

Oriental Floral Gourmand, Oriental Floral, Floral Fruity

For the secure but playful woman who keeps in touch with the little girl in her, these vibrant oriental floral and floral fruity fragrances exude bewitching sweetness and serene beauty. Fresh and lively, yet delicately intoxicating. Aromatically distinct notes that sublimely represent the wearer. Splendid and sublime.

Ellen Tracy - ClassicEau de Parfum Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Oriental, Woody

Ellen Tracy. For the woman who lives in the moment, not for the moment. This enticing, distinctive fragrance opens with the vibrant warmth of cinnamon and the gourmand fruitiness of juicy peach. The heart is an enveloping fusion of precious rose and jasmine tones laced with the soft delicacy of freesia, all blended to complete this very feminine fragrance.

Ellen Tracy - TracyEau de Parfum Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Floral, Rose, Violet

Luscious sparkling top notes of Cassis, Peony, and Plum Blossom burst into bloom while heart notes of pure rose essence, delicate Muguet, violet woods, and warm, powdery iris flower create an aura of femininity.

At the end of this journey, creamy almond milk, vanilla, white amber, and sandalwood wrap skin in warmth, creating a sensation of comfort.

Ellen Tracy - Ellen Eau de Parfum Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Floriental Accord

Rich but understated, Ellen Ellen Tracy is a soft and lovely floral fragrance resting gently on a rich and warm oriental base.  The perfect long-lasting skin scent, very pretty with a noticeable signature to turn heads while remaining fresh, clean and subtle enough for everyday wear.

Ellen Tracy - Pretty Petals Eau de Parfume Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Fruity, Floral

Pretty Petals is a lively fruity-floral bouquet with subtle sensuality, fruity freshness punctuated with very appealing mouthwatering notes.

Dreamt up as a call to happiness, it’s a delightful mix of emotions. For the women who are radiantly captivating and sexy.

Joyful, sparkling, luminous….

Ellen Tracy - Love NotesEau de Parfum Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Addictive Chypre Gourmand

Top notes of pulpy mandarin, nashi pear, and ripened raspberry leaves create a voluptuous and enticing top.

At the heart, heliotrope flower lends its delicious cherry-almond essence to tender Muguet and tropical ginger lily.

A background of mysterious patchouli, warm sandalwood, creamy amber, and soft cashmere woods fill the air with sweet decadence.

Ellen Tracy - BronzeEau de Parfum Spray, Body Mist, Gift Sets

Lustrous and Intoxicating Oriental

Top notes of sparkling bergamot and lemonade blended with a splash of juicy mandarin and crisp green apple draw you in to an exotic experience filled with mystery and intrigue.

The soft femininity of the Muguet and violet flower bring a casual elegance to the heart. Revel in the sumptuous beauty of the sun-soaked orange flower as it melts into nostalgic notes of honeysuckle and violet leaf.

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