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Ford Legacy

A nostalgic nod to the American “muscle-car” era, this new collection of Ford/Mercury Legacy fragrances are sure to bring back some memories. From the chrome trimmed Ford Falcon, to the recognizable graphic details on that classic 70’s red Gran Torino with white racing stripes, to the classic porthole windows of the Thunderbird, these iconic automobiles hold their place in automotive history. Rediscover these classics in fragrance form.


Ford Trademark and Trade Dress used under license to Palm Beach Beauté.


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One of the most recognizable silhouettes is the 1956 Ford Thunderbird. Smooth lines, big fins, and a three quarter panel port-hole window, this comfortable cruiser set the stage for a new class of luxury. The Thunderbird fragrance is defined by notes of Crisp Red Apple, Creamy Sandalwood & Bold Vetiver.


The Mercury Cougar of the early 1970’s redefined performance and luxury. Derived from the Ford Mustang, it was built as muscle car that hugged the road. Fierce just like its name, The Cougar fragrance is defined by notes of spicy black pepper, rich tonka and smokey leather.


A classic, compact package with great handling, this Falcon soars. The 1963 Falcon Sprinter V8 experienced a limited run and was nearly identical to the Mustang of the same year. The fragrance is defined by notes of Sparkling Mandarin, Lavender, Smooth Leather and Salted Vetiver.

Gran Torino

Memorable on the silver screen in Starsky & Hutch, this classic had the iconic fast back silhouette with white racing stripe. This fragrance moves with exhilarating notes of Mandarin, Fresh Spices and Ambery Woods.


The Mercury Marauder of 2003/04 was a high-performance sleeper. Wrapped in a traditional Grand Marquis body, this hot rod had the sinister looks and performance to back it up. As legendary as its name, Marauder fragrance is defined by notes of zesty citrus, juicy pear & warm patchouli.

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