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Kanon Cologne by Scannon, Launched by the design House of Scannon in 1966. A collection of masculine and rugged colognes that have a great impact and lasting effect.

Kanon offers timeless scents that reflect each man’s mood and personality.

Kanon Legacy

Fragrances that speak for themselves with whispers and hints of natural, compelling masculinity. Layers of fresh, clean, and clear over invigorating yet soothing earthy elements with an attractive, long-lasting base. Each aroma is unique in its complexity but provides the same captivating effect: A man who knows himself better than anyone else.

Kanon Sport

Unpretentious aromas for the active, driven man. A perfect balance of intensity and airy freshness. Subtle and splendid fruity tones blend seamlessly into spicy citrus and earthy green notes, with an attractive, grounding base. Intriguing and multi-faceted, like the wearer.

Kanon Nordic Elements

The Nordic region is known for it’s expansive and dramatic landscapes that lend themselves to exploration and relaxation.

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