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In order to ensure an authentic connect to the Ford Mustang, we incorporated signature design cues in regard to shape, color, texture and motion. The overall silhouette of the bottle emulates the curves and symmetry of the front grill. As with the grill, the cap features the honeycomb execution which is associated with power and performance whilst at the same time is the exterior facing for the engine, and in the case of the package design, is the facing for the pump and actuator…the engine of the bottle. Tactile elements, further enhance the package, resulting in a presentation that is modern, sleek, masculine, approachable and recognizably Mustang.


Ford Trademark and Trade Dress used under license to Palm Beach Beauté.

Mustang LegacyEau de Toilette

Behold the charming and incredibly sensual combination of earthy-sweet aromas.

Refreshing and crisp, with a murmur of manly grit and woody, spicy smoke. An unbeatable union of the subtle and the intensely unrestrained. Nuances of deep, warm musk and playful potency. The wild spirit of the stallion deftly mastered.

Mustang CollectionEau de Toilette

An Aromatic Tonic Wood

The new Ford Mustang Fragrance opens with a crisp, pulse-inducing blend of Grapefruit, Tarragon and Lemon Peel that is balanced with cool refreshing Mint.  The strength and masculinity of the fragrance is further driven with the rich warm comfort of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Musk.

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