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Parfum Refinery

The sweet floral scents of this collection will immediately transport you to a flowery meadow in the middle of summer. Driven by the key olfactive notes of each fragrance (Rose and Lavender), these delightful fragrances dazzle the senses without being overpowering. Not to mention that its clean, communicative packaging will make you feel like you just paid a visit to the local apothecary.

Wherever your day may take you, the Lavender fragrance allows you to escape to a calm and relaxing place. Its clean & fresh notes provide refuge and will keep you and the ones around you feeling peaceful, happy, and fulfilled.

The Rose fragrance brings a playful, flirty, and free tone to a classic. Its fresh take on the traditional rose scent sparks curiosity and instigates the senses.

Parfum Refinery

The Parfum Refinery collection is driven by the key olfactive notes of each fragrance.

With clean, communicative packaging, the look and feel of the collection takes an apothecary approach.

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