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Get ready to go crazy over these tween fragrances curated with youthful spirits! These collections have unique blends of aromatic notes that will make anyone feel fresh and energized. To top it all off, the fun modern, and attractive opaque bottles make these fragrances the perfect vanity accessory.

That's So

Everyone is going SO CRAY CRAY over this new line of fragrances curated with a youthful spirit!  It is SO OBVI that these fresh, new scents will make others SO JELLY, they’ll need to have their own.  And we’re SO SORRY NOT SORRY about it!

Opaque pink and white bottles that are youthful and attractive.

A perfect, fun vanity accessory.

Fun, playful fragrance names that resonate with the youth, and beyond.

Say What

The Tween Say What Collection is a unique and refreshing collection of scents for young adults and more. These mood-promoting fragrances will help you feel confident, high-spirited, and expressive. Outshine the rest with a scent that expresses who you are!

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