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Lighten Up for Spring!

9 May

No matter what your favorite time of year is, spring always feels like a welcome friend breezing into your life with the promise of exciting possibilities, beautiful days and the opportunity to reclaim a brighter color palette. As the weather warms up we shed coats, hats, scarves and layers of clothes and lose ….

  • May 9, 2016
  • By admin
  • Category: News

Perfume Through the Ages

17 April

Although most of us consider a spritz or a dab of perfume to be part of our daily routine, like many other things we take for granted today (eating utensils, baths, casual and special occasion clothes, leisure time) it once was relegated to the upper echelon of society. Non-royalty need not apply! King ….

  • April 17, 2016
  • By admin
  • Category: News

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